Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Godly Home - A Quote

Children need a mother who teaches them, not a teacher who doesn't have the emotional energy to mother them. Young men need a father who teaches them to work, not a father too busy working to teach them.

The best schooling for children is a good home life, not a home that is all school.

-Michael Pearl, To Train Up a Child, pg. 91


Anonymous said...

Hello Lauren, I hope I am doing this right! I just read your response to Katie on The was incredible! It was quite well thought out, and very kind and logical. I am involved on an online debate forum frequented by mostly unsaved ladies, and I have often been faced with the same philosophy which Katie was putting forth. I have struggled with how to properly frame a rebuttal to it, and your reply was exactly what I have tried to say! Thank you - it was enlightening. I will try to remember it next time. Keep on doing what your doing!

In Christ,
Valerie Bostock

Lauren said...

Yes, Valerie, you did everything right. : ) Thank you for the encouragement, and I'm glad what I said at least made sense. Sometimes it's hard getting thoughts down on paper.

I definitely recommend the book Always Ready, by Dr. Greg Bahnsen. It's a comprehensive yet understandable study on presuppositional apologetics. My family just finished going through a video series by Dr. Bahnsen called Basic Training for Defending the Faith. Both the book and the video series have been invaluable in understanding our faith: why we believe what we believe, and how it all makes sense.

I would definitely recommend that you get at least the book. It's well worth it!

Again, thank you for your kind comment!
In Christ,