Saturday, May 19, 2007

I've Been Meaning to Write on This....

I've been meaning to write something on this subject, but just haven't gotten a chance yet, with all the goings-on that have been going on of late. : ) Yesterday, I discovered an article on Ladies Against Feminism that says everything I want to say about this, and says it infinitely better than I ever could. Its title is "The Secret Garden" ... and no, it's not talking about the book.

I know it's rather low of me not to write something myself, and instead to borrow someone else's work. But I sincerely wanted to share this article with each and every one of you. You will be blessed, so please take five minutes of the time you had planned to use reading new posts on my blog, and peruse The Secret Garden.

Stay tuned ... on May 26th, I'll be posting something rather special and exciting, which will go far towards explaining the sad job I've been doing of late of keeping More Precious Than Rubies updated!


The Secret Garden

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A said...

Lauren -

I have really enjoyed reading your posts (and the ones on your family's page)! I actually used what I learned from ya'll about neurocranial restucturing + a lot of research to do my final BIO presentation. Thanks to Katelyn Grace!!
Anyway, along the lines of your blog, I wanted to recommend the book "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. I'm only 3/4 of the way through it, but it's one of the most infuential books I've ever read on so many levels. Just thought i'd share that with you and tell you keep up the good work.

Lauren said...

Hello "A"! :p

That's very interesting that you were able to use some of our information about neurocranial restructuring! I'm planning on posting a few links to some sites dealing with that on our family blog sometime in the [hopefully] near future ... links which, I'm sure, you've already come across in all of your research.

Thank you for the book recommendation. I shall add it to my ever-lengthening book list!

Oh, and thanks for the encouragement!

May I ask how you came across our blogs?


A said...

I think I was just looking for something else and came across your blogs on Google. It's really neat to see what God is doing in your family!


Kacie said...

Hi Lauren!

I found your blog via Mrs. Keister's blog, and I've been reading through your journey and I thought I'd say "hello!"

I chose to comment on this particular post because May 19, 2007 was my wedding day!

I think May is a fantastic month to be married, and I wish all the best for you and your husband-to-be.

Also, Alaska holds a dear place in my heart, as it's where we honeymooned! It was a truly beautiful, breathtaking place.

Feel free to e-mail me sometime! You can find my address on my web site (see profile).