Monday, October 8, 2007

Our New Home

Guess what! I'm going to live in Alaska! I know you all already know that, but I'm kind of excited! Well, I'm not just excited about the living in Alaska part; I'm mostly excited about marrying the most wonderful young man in the world in just over six months! The moving to Alaska part kind of comes with that. ::smile::

I put up a post on my family's blog about where we're going to live.

How about an old, rundown little house?

No, that's not where we're going to live. Well, not exactly....


Meredith said...


How exciting!!! I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures at your family's blog. :) Will you get to pick out new paint colors and things like that?!? What fun!

Hope you are doing well!

FitzClan said...

Hello Meredith!

The house will probably be finished just to the point of being livable when we get married in May, so we'll get to do the finishing touches together! Yes, what fun!!! It'll be so exciting decorating our own little home!

Nice to hear from you!