Sunday, October 29, 2006

Facing the Giants

This afternoon, our grandpa took us to see the movie "Facing the Giants." It was amazing! It would have been like just another sports success story if it weren't for one thing: all the credit for every success was given to God. There are so many sports stories out there which all have the same story line: a team keeps losing, but because a coach or somebody inspires them, they start winning.

Everything fell into place at the end of the movie. If all of this were just attributed to chance, or luck, this movie would have been essentially meaningless. But, the complete glory was given to God. In the story, He was the One who orchestrated all of the circumstances and events - as He does everyday in "real life"! He was - and is - in charge.

What a wonderful message this movie had! It's definitely a must-see!


Esther said...

Unfortunately, we missed it when it was in the theater up, I'll have to look it up and see when we can buy it. I just talked to a Lady at church and she said it was really good, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

I really enjoyed the three previous posts.

Lauren said...

Oh, it was such a fantastic movie! Very well done, and it wasn't cheesy at all. At the film festival, Mr. Kendrick (the producer) said that their motto was "Less cheese, more of something that I can't remember." I just remember the cheese part.

It was so neat to watch this after hearing Mr. Kendrick speak about it at the academy. It was made on a $100,000 budget (all donations), and has already brought in about $5.5 million! It was made by a Baptist church, and about 1/3 of the actors in it were homeschoolers! All of the actors (I think) were just volunteers.

We went to see "One Night With the King" last night. (First time in my life that I've ever seen more than one movie in a single week. The only other time that I've seen two movies within a year each other was when we went to see Narnia twice.) "One Night With the King" was really a great movie. It was very slightly Hollywood-ized, though ... very slightly. I would definitely recommend it, though!

Great to hear from you!

Esther said...

That is so awesome that Facing the Giants is doing so well.

The same lady at church just told me about "One Night with the King" today...she said she really enjoyed it and that she would be taking her daughters to it. I feel so behind! I hadn't even heard of "One Night with the King" until today!

That's funny, Ashley and I saw Narnia twice (in theatres) too.

Lauren said...

I hardly ever know what's in the theaters. Normally, it's nothing worth watching. It's so nice to see two great, wonderful movies in there at once!

I wouldn't mind seeing "One Night With the King" again; the plot was kind of hard to follow, even though I'm so familiar with the story. The "costumes" (wardrobes?) are absolutely beautiful!

Esther said...

I'd never heard about One Night with a King...and now everyone is telling me about it! I had another lady say it was good...I'll have to see if it's still even in theatres up here.
It's refreshing to have some good, wholesome, new movies out.
Have a good night!