Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lord, Bless Our Home

This is one of my favorite songs, written by Ron Hamilton. Shannon, my youngest sister, asks to sing it every single Sunday morning.

Lord, Bless Our Home

by Ron Hamilton

Families all around us are crumbling ev’ry day,

Yielding to the enemy and throwing life away.

Bind our lives together, Guard us with Your truth;

When the struggle seems too great, Lord, keep our eyes on You.

Thank You for Your goodness; our love was in Your plan.

Help us face the future always trusting in Your hand.

Keep us warm and tender; Keep us clean and pure.

Drive us to each other’s arms, and make our love endure.

Lord, bless our home, protect our home;

Let it be a refuge in this world of sin.

Lord, reign within, keep us strong and true;

And when we need You most, Lord,

Draw us close, committed to each other.

Lord, bless our home; we give our home to You.

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JanuaryJon said...


I'm Jonathan from Malaysia :)

Loved that song too, Lord Bless our home... Believe it or not, I actually had a hard time finding it on the net until I came to your blog...It's not even in!

Congrats on your Wedding, may the Lord Bless you marriage and keep it strong!